I’m an experience designer, strategist and closet anthropologist exploring how culture, institutions, and economics shape the development and use of technologies. Frequent themes of research include the ethics and socio-cultural impacts of data and algorithmically driven services, ad-hoc technological re-appropriation, and "mobile-mostly" business models (with a particular focus on emerging economies).

I hold workshops, speak at design and technology focused conferences around the world, and regularly publish my thinking in presentations and on Medium (RSS). My most recent and popular presentations include Imagining the Physical Web and The Emerging Global Web.

I'm also experimenting with interesting ways to tell speculative stories about today and tomorrow's world.

If you'd like to get in touch, please drop me a line at steph [at] yiibu.com or find me on Twitter.


These are my most recent or popular presentations. Many were co-developed by Bryan Rieger and reflect our work @yiibu. See Slideshare for a full archive. For ongoing news and thoughts please follow me on Twitter .

The Emerging Global Web

MOBX 2014, Berlin
Mobilism 2015, Amsterdam

Beyond progressive enhancement

Generate Conf 2013
London, UK

Everything old is new again

MOBX 2012
Berlin, Germany

Reset the Web

Breaking Development 2012
Orlando, USA

Letting Go

dConstruct 2011
Brighton, UK

Pragmatic Responsive Design

Breaking Dev 2011
Nashville, USA

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