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iMode vs vending machine on a cold Tokyo morning

Hillarious video (part of a larger presentation Bill Moggridge, IDEO on Interaction Design at the 2007 Potsdam Innovation Forum) demonstrating the incredible patience required to extract a soft drink from a Japanese vending machine via iMode/QR code etc. Scrub through to about 9:35 for the iMode video.

The whole video is worth a listen and begins with an interview with iMode co-founder Takeshi Natsuno regarding the creation of iMode and follows with the creation of the first computer mouse, the designs that led to the creation of MicroSoft Windows, the iPod, Google etc.

2 Responses to “iMode vs vending machine on a cold Tokyo morning”

  1. kupa

    that was a good insight from a westerners perpective about Japans mobile cuture and development.
    I am a gaijin (Westerner) living in Japan and using the i-mode and keitai (mobile phone), i can buy a coke in 3seconds, the video was a little misleading in the requirements. for coke cola, there is a membership form that can be filled out on a PC or phone after that, coke is then cheaper to buy at marchines or retail using the phone.
    The little animals are extremely important, and Karaoke is used on mobile phone, believe it or not…

  2. Patrick Donnelly

    Thank you, It was great to actually see the imode vending machine with my own eyes, to see how hyped up it was. Very interesting though to see how it works – or not work.

    And, Similar to @kupa , I appreciate hearing about how culture changes motivation for technology adaption and prosumerism.

    Thank you for sharing this link.

    Patrick Donnelly,


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