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Diversity is not a bug

I’ve been super impressed by the Android devices announced at MWC this week. There’s some nice variety, and OEMs are (finally!!) starting to experiment with hardware again. (If you have no idea what I mean by ‘again’, have a look at the occasionally odd yet lovely variety of shapes and styles produced by Nokia between 2003 and 2008…now replaced by thousands of nondescript glowing rectangles).

Sure many OEMs still release devices that are identical to the next except that theirs happens to be blue, or has a different style of menu, or has that thing that they call a feature (and we call a bug) but to be honest, we shouldn’t be that surprised. If we truly thought we lived in a world where OEMs didn’t release such a variety of barely differentiated products, we also wouldn’t live in a world with twenty barely differentiated versions of toothpaste or jeans or boy bands.

So I prefer to look at it slightly differently.

We now have a ‘normal’, vibrant mature market (…and have only ourselves to blame).

What we also have is a good, stable, well iterated OS, with a good variety of licensees (some of which are dreaming up some pretty neat and useful stuff). And with close to 850,000 activations a day, we have an estimated 300 million devices of all sorts in the marketplace.

So can we please stop drooling every time Apple burps and start accepting that diversity is what we’ve got.

Diversity is not a bug…it’s an opportunity.

(And if you don’t believe me, have a boo at this lovely little Ice Cream Sandwich ‘device’).

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