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An introduction to the Yiibu Profile tool

We’ve recently been seeing interest in a little toolkit we developed for combined server-and-client-side device profiling. This little script constructs a device profile, (derived from multiple sources including the device itself) and makes this profile available right on first load. This profile can contain everything from ‘standard’ properties such as level of SVG or HTML5 selector support, but can also contain custom properties specific to your project. This profile can then be used as the basis for conditional asset loading or client and server-side adaptations to images, components and even content.

We first introduced Profile in 2009 on the Yiibu site, spoke about it in Muddling Through the Mobile Web, discussed it in more detail in Adaptation, and have now used it and adapted it for several projects. Profile has evolved a lot from the first iteration but still needs a lot of love. The reason we’re pre-releasing it today is that the conversation seems to recently have shifted. Thanks to projects such as Luke’s RESS (Responsive Design + Server Side Components), the community now appears willing to entertain using the server to expand the possibilities for adaptation.

So if you find this interesting please take a look. We’ve uploaded a user-facing Profile inspector that can be quite handy during device testing, but you can also download the full Profile source on GitHub. There is currently no formal documentation but our Adaptation slide deck explains the high level concepts. Expect *lots* of bugs (we weren’t planning on releasing it for a few months yet), but also expect things to evolve over the coming weeks.

Enjoy! (…all comments are most welcome…including criticisms of why the Profile Inspector looks rubbish on an iPhone at the moment :-))

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  1. Dave Merrill

    No activity on this for a long time, demo is gone. Did this morph into Detector?



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