Mobile is just the beginning

About Me

I’m an designer, writer, researcher and co-owner of yiibu, a wee mobile user experience consultancy based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are a small company (just Bryan and myself), but have worked in the mobile space for close to ten years. We have therefore been lucky  to work with not only high street brands, but mobile platform and browser vendors, mobile operators and handset manufacturers.

A large part of our work also involves R&D, as well as ethnographic research which spans a variety of topics including cross-device design and optimisation,  content adaptation and the  social, business and cultural uses of mobile in emerging economies.

We  regularly speak at conferences and publish insights on these subjects. Here are a few of our more popular presentations:

I travel whenever I can and given a chance would gladly spend most of my time in Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore.

This site is my place to talk about content, mobility, culture, lifestyle, user experience and other stuff that crosses my mind.

You can contact me through Twitter or at steph[AT]yiibu[DOT]com.